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Fordex Marine Safety Flooring is designed to provide a secure non-slip surface in areas where grip under foot is paramount to pedestrian safety. A combination of specialised polymers and surface profile design delivers a high co-efficiency of friction in both wet and dry conditions

Fordex marine grade safety flooring has a durable, attractive surface consisting of numerous diamond shaped modules that are further abraded on the top surface. This design improves grip even in the most challenging conditions. The surface nodules channel water away reducing unsightly and dangerous water ponding which can be the major cause of aquaplaning.

Fordex is a cost effective way of eliminating the risk of slips, trips and falls, particularly on ramps. Fordex provides excellent resistance to wear and the chemicals typical to the marine industry such as fuel, grease, chlorine and salt.

Key Features

  • Diamond nodules channel water away reducing unsightly and dangerous surface pooling
  • Delivers a P5 anti-slip rating, the highest in the industry
  • Unique blend of polymers to provide optimum UV stability and wear resistance
  • Built-in fungicide to prevent bacterial growth that can sometimes lead to unsightly stains
  • Designed to remain vibrant for the life of the product


Manufactured from specially formulated wear and UV resistant polymers


Appropriate for all anti-slip safety applications such as walkways, stairways, external ramps and pontoons, marine decking, swimming pool surrounds, house boats and most other excessively wet areas.


Manufactured in 1m x 1m sheets with a 1.6mm base and 1.6mm nodule height, Fordex can easily be trimmed to size

Installation Method

Fordex Marine Safety Flooring may be laid over most substrates in the same way as many other rubber or vinyl tiles using a 3-4mm "V" notched trowel. The sheets must be laid into the wet film of adhesive, but joined end to end and the adhesive spread so there is 100% transfer to the back of the tile


Conforms with the requirements of Australian standards and is tested by a NATA certified laboratory. Test reports are available for:

  • AS1428:2009 Design for accessibility and mobility
  • AS4586:2013 Slip resistance classifications for new pedestrian surface materials
  • NCC - National Construction Codes

Product Data

Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 x 3.2

Product weight: 4.5kg

AS 4586 Compliant: Yes

AS 4586 Wet Pendulum: 62 / P5

NCC Compliant: Yes

Material: Polymer

UV Stable: Yes

Warranty: 2 Years

Life expectancy: 10+ Years

Indoor Use: Yes

Outdoor Use: Yes

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