Floor Sealer Application

We can apply floor sealers to any surface, indoors or outdoors, to not only increase safety of your floors, but also protect them, improving the overall appearance and extending their lifespan

Products Used

DuraGrip Plus - Industrial Grade

Suitable for an endless range of applications, DuraGrip Plus is a polyurethane coating that dramatically increases the slip resistance of indoor and outdoor floors and is available in clear or colour with gloss, matte or satin finish.

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GlazeGuard - Commercial Grade

Specially developed for sealing Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone tile surfaces, GlazeGuard is an environmentally friendly two component, commercial grade highly durable water based sealer that is slip and chemical resistant.

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Our Work

What's Involved

Having floors treated or sealed by a trained installer provides the peace of mind that the final result is both safe and aesthetically pleasing. We aim to keep the process simple, thorough and with minimal disruption to your day to day.

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Our floor safety experts will get a detailed understanding of your needs based on the type of floor surface you have, whether it is a wet area or dry area, how the area is used and whether it is a residential or commercial project and provide you with advice and a quote for the most appropriate floor treatment for your circumstances.


We will prepare your floors for the treatment by first doing a deep clean. In this process, we remove dirt and grease, cleaning grout of contaminants and, in some cases, removing build up of grease or other ingrained foreign materials from your floors.


Our insured floor-safety experts will give you a detailed timeline of how your floors are being treated, when you can expect normal foot-traffic and work with you to find a suitable time. Depending on the Floor Treatment that's right for your needs, the application of the treatment can take anywhere from 1 hour to a few days in the case of large installations.


When the treatment is complete you will not notice any difference to the appearance of the floor. Keep them clean using conventional cleaning techniques and you will not only have beautiful floors but also enjoy safer floors for years to come.

Our Floor Treatments Can Protect...

You and your family

make the floors of your home safe for children, parents and grandparents

Your Staff

Your Employees

Protect floors of your industrial workplaces

Your Customers

Your Patients

The Public