Safety Flooring

Safety Flooring

Safety Floorings have a durable, attractive surface consisting of diamond shaped nodules that improve grip even in the most challenging conditions.  The surface nodules channel water away from the foot to eliminate dangerous water ponding that can lead to aquaplaning.

Professional Installation

We install safety flooring/matting to indoor and outdoor flooring in various commercial businesses and industrial sites

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Why Safety Flooring?

Safety flooring is a cost-effective way of eliminating the risk of slips trips and falls, especially on ramps. It provides excellent resistance to wear and chemicals and help channel away water and other fluids. These slip-resistant floorings not only help provide safety in wet and dry conditions but they also provide valuable cushioning and greatly reduce the risk of serious injuries from falls.

Safety flooring is easy to apply onto almost any surface using a Mapei G19 adhesive which is suitable for both internal and external installations.

Safety flooring stands up to the elements, providing years of use.  Available in a range of colours, it is an be can be coordinated to complement the aesthetic where it is being used.


Where are Safety Floorings used?

These products are designed to provide a secure non-slip surface in areas where slip resistance in paramount to pedestrian safety. – most often on floors or ramps that are exposed to water or other contaminants.