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Aquadeck is a tough anti-slip flooring that is impervious to salt water and resistant to grease, fuel and common oils.

Made from a combination of recycled cork and select polymers, AquaDeck offers a hard-wearing diamond or round shaped raised surface that has proven itself wherever a tough, safe, anti-slip surface is required. AquaDeck is particularly suited to patios, ramps and any other access areas which may be subject to wet conditions: such as nursing homes, aged care facilities, or hospitals. Wherever there’s danger of people slipping and falling AquaDeck will provide premium anti-slip and is R12 or P5 rated in accordance with the Australian Standards for pedestrian surfaces.

Key Features

  • Available in diamond profile
  • Has a R12/P5 anti-slip rating, the highest in the industry
  • combination of recycled cork and select polymers
  • 100% Australian-made using recycled materials
  • Carries "Good Environmental Choice Rating" from the Australian Eco Label Program - allowing its use in any Green Star Project


Manufactured from a combination of recycled cork and select polymers.Being 70% cork AquaDeck is non-porous, highly resistant to most common chemicals, oils, acids.

Key Benefits

Comcork Flooring is more comfortable than traditional flooring. Its unique cork cell structure acts like miniature cushions underfoot, helping to reduce impact on joints and muscles.

The special cork cell structure acts as a natural sound dampener - absorbing and limiting the transfer of sound - providing a quieter environment.

Warmth & Coolness:
The air trapped inside the unique cell structure acts like insulation, providing a natural barrier to unwanted outside air - making it much warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Comcork Flooring provides excellent anti-slip in both wet and dry conditions. Both cork and rubber have naturally high frictional properties. The cork particles act like little suction cups, gripping underfoot, creating a much safer workplace.

Installation Instructions

See Installation Manual

Product Data

Dimensions: 1800mm x 900mm x 3.5mm

Product Weight: 2.5 kg per square metre

AS 4586 Compliant: Yes

AS 4586 Wet Pendulum: 62 / P5

Fire Retardancy: AS/ISO 9239.1

Surface Flammability for Safety of Life at Sea: IMO A.653(16)

Chemical Resistance: ASTM F925-96

Stain Resistance: DIN 51958

Environment: GECA 28-2005

Warranty: 10 Years

Life expectancy: 10+ Years

Indoor Use: Yes

Outdoor Use: Yes