From safety assessment and testing, to applying floor treatments and installing industry-leading safety and accessibility products, GripGuard provides end-to-end solutions for all floor safety needs - residential, commercial, and industrial.

Anti-Slip Floor Treatment

Our trained professionals can apply our propietary anti-slip treatment to alters your floors in a controlled manner that dramatically improves the slip resistance of the floor when wet.

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Floor Sealer Application

We can apply floor sealers to any surface, indoors or outdoors, to not only increase safety of your floors, but also protect them, improving the overall appearance and extending their lifespan

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Installation of Floor Safety/Accessibility Products

Our trained professionals can install a wide range of floor safety and accessibility products such as stair nosings, tactiles, safety flooring and matting as well as non-slip tapes so your floors are safe for everyone.

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Floor Safety Assessment

Our floor safety experts can visit you, inspect and assess your floors using industry-leading slip measurement technology and give you a clear picture of how safe your floors are from slip and fall accidents.

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