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SafeLine Tape
SafeLine Tape
SafeLine Tape
SafeLine Tape
SafeLine Tape

SafeLine Tape


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Designed to provide an exceptional slip resistance for man surfaces, Safeline tapes provide an easy Peel & Stick application of durable P5 anti-slip rated safety tape on to almost any smooth surface, ensuring safety with minimal fuss.

Key Features

  • Easy to install with no fuss - ideal for DIY applications
  • Provides a P5 safety rating, the highest in the industry
  • Can withstand temperatures below -30C and up to 120C
  • Can be retro-fitted onto ceramic tiles, timber, metal and almost any other smooth surface


  • Internal flooring surfaces prone to water/oil spillage
  • Stairs and pedestrian ramps
  • Demarcating isles and walkways
  • Expansion joint cover plates
  • Marine pleasure crafts

Meets Safety Standards

Safeline anti slip tapes are perfect for every application be it residential stairs, ramps, marine craft, internal flooring surfaces prone to water or oil spillage or even expansion joint covers. This tape is perfect to meet the slip resistance and contrast requirements of stairs as defined in AS1458 and the 2015 NCC Vol 1 and 2.

Installation Instructions

It is recommended that the surface onto which tapes are installed to be 10 degrees Celsius and above when applying anti-slip tapes. It should be clean, dry and free of grease. For porous surfaces such as unsealed wood, concrete or stone, we recommend Sika 3N Primer be used.  Otherwise, primer is not necessary.

  1. Brush the primer on as if it were paint.
  2. Cover the entire area that is to have anti-slip tapes installed. You only need enough to seal the surface. The primer acts as a keying agent that provides extra bond. The primer requires a short time to dry; this is only minimal – in warm conditions about 10 minutes and in cold conditions, up to 20 minutes. You can easily tell when the primer has set as it will be dry to the touch.
  3. Install tapes with firm even pressure – either with hands or a small roller.
  4. For high traffic areas or to be applied where there could be a lot of edge scuffing, we recommend the application of GGADH01 Edge Sealer. This material is a compound that helps to prevent any edge failure. Simply squeeze a very small amount directly from the tube down the edge of the installed anti-slip tape. It should touch both the anti-slip tape edge and the surface onto which it is being applied. Only a very small amount is required.
  5. Once applied it sets within a short period of time leaving behind an invisible edge of protection. It can be walked on almost immediately after treatment and enhances the durability of the tape.