DuraGrip Plus

DuraGrip™ Plus is a solvent free, virtually odorless urethane coating with exceptional adhesion and performance properties. It has exceptional performance, can turn any floor finish into a non-slip surface (P3-P5) with minimal downtime.

By adjusting additives, the achieved slip resistance of the floor can range between a P3 - P5 or even achieve a P5+ slip rating.

Professional Application

Our insured floor safety experts can treat your floors, whether indoor or outdoor, with Duragrip Plus with minimal disruption to you.

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Resilient floors: vinyl, rubber, linoleum
Timber: sports floors, engineered and solid timber floors, parquetry, decks, doors, tables.
Concrete: floors, carparks, warehouses, walkways, stairs, walls, bench tops.
Tiles: ceramic, terrazzo, porcelain, stone – porous to high gloss.
Metal: ferrous and nonferrous metals, fabricated metal products, door and window frames.


Restore existing vinyl, rubber or linoleum to remove scratching and improve appearance and reduce cleaning costs.
Rejuvenate ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, stone and provide hygienic protection for grout lines on floors and walls.
Seal or colour concrete floors in corridors, kitchens, warehouses and carparks, including safety line marking, logos and lettering.
Timber sports floors, hardwood floors, covered decking and other engineered or solid timber floors including parquetry.
Metal surfaces including steel door frames, stairs, cover plates and engineered metal products.
Superior finish where gloss enamel paints are required with virtually no odour.