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ConformaGrip has been specifically made to add slip safety when applied to durbar plate, chequer plate, diamond tread step points or other textured surfaces.

ConformaGrip on checker plate

ConformaGrip is unique because of its soft aluminium backing which has no memory and can be pressed into place to retain the shape of the surface it is applied on to. The surface of the tape is our standard abrasive tape (P5) and provides outstanding slip resistance. It has excellent fire retardancy because of its foil backing.

Chequer plate or diamond tread are all commonly used for fire exits, walkways, access platforms etc. It is a common misconception that the pattern provides a safe surface to walk on. Chequer plate is an extremely slippery surface, especially when wet because of its lack of porosity. The hard surface of metal does not easily provide a non slip floor and often creates more problems than it solves. Furthermore, the ridges create highs and lows which results in less surface area being in contact with the foot. Conformable safety-grip tape is the answer to the problems that irregular metal plates create.

Extremely Conformable

ConformaGrip's class O, dead soft aluminium foil backing has zero stretch tolerances and no memory - it can be pressed into place and will retain that shape. It is ideal for checker plate and other textured surfaces. Other conventional non slip tapes cannot be used on checker plate as they rise up when stretched into the valleys

Excellent Fire Retardancy

One additional benefit of Conformable non slip tape being constructed using a foil instead of plastic base is that this gives it high flame retardancy levels. Conformable safety-grip tape has been tested and certified to CAA FAA specification 8 for use within cockpit areas.

High Slip Resistance

The abrasive upper surface of ConformaGrip is a conventional abrasive. This results in exceptionally high grip levels (P5) and provides grip even in wet or dirty conditions. The diamond hard mineral in ConformaGrip ensures that it provides outstanding slip resistance

Installation Instructions

  1. Ensure surface is above 10 degrees celsius
  2. Clean surface with IPA cleaner or other.
  3. Remove backing from tape.
  4. Press down by hand ensuring even distribution.
  5. With a rubber mallet tap along the surface of the tape so that it conforms to the surface.

For high traffic areas, edge primer can be used to give greater edge protection. Tape can be walked out immediately following installation.