Stair Tread Nosings / Safety Plates

Grip Guard Carborundum Stair Tread Nosings and Safety Plates allow property owners/managers/home owners to ensure stair treads meet BCA (Building Code of Australia) and NCC (National Construction Code) requirements. 

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HIGH CONTRAST COLOURS & OPtimal Slip Resistance - R13 / P5

It is a legal requirement that stair tread nosings have a minimum of 30% luminance contrast to the stair tread.  This stipulations reduces the chance of a mis-step which may lead to a fall either up or down the stairs.  

 Grip Guard Carborundum Stair Nosings come in standard colours of black, yellow and grey. Additional colours are available on request.

Grip Guard Carborundum Stair Nosings are supplied pre-cut for ease of installation.   The stair nosings are available undrilled (for installation using adhesive) or pre-drilled for ease of installation with the size of the holes customised for the surface onto which they will be installed as well as the method of fixing (e.g. rivets, screws, drive nails etc)


Additional Profiles On Request

STAIR TREAD nosing PRofiles TO FIT every Stair

Grip Guard carborundum stair nosing are available in a range of profiles to ensure their fit on the stair tread is neat and secure.  

The stair tread nosings are suitable for all substrates including concrete, timber, chequer plate, and tiled stairs.  

Standard profiles are T1, T2 and T3, however we are able to custom make stair tread nosings to your specifications at no extra charge.


Safety Plates - Pontoon.JPG

Grip guard carborundum modified Safety plates

Ramped areas require increased slip resistance as the slope greatly increases the risk of slips and falls.  Grip Guard Carborundum Safety Plates are ideal for this purpose.  

Safety plates are also ideal for increasing the slip resistance of landings