License Introduction Information


The Opportunity

Leverage the trends and focus on improving Workplace Safety and the increase in personal injury litigation.

Grip Guard is Australia's number #1 anti-slip safety treatment for wet slippery floors, one of the major high level causes of workplace slip/fall injuries.

If you're interested in a business that you can run to suit your lifestyle and goals, then Grip Guard may be the business for you.

The Grip Guard trademark is owned by Grip Guard, which has the exclusive worldwide distribution rights of all Grip Guard products.

Please read the enclosed information and, if you'd like to know more, we will require you to read and sign the enclosed Confidentiality Agreement. In fairness to other Licensees we feel the information provided should remain confidential should you decide not to become a Grip Guard Licensee.

Complete our Licensee Application Form as part of our appointment process. Should you have any questions or further information please contact us on 1300 30 4747 (1300 30 GRIP).

The Market

According to Work Cover, slip/fall injuries are estimated to cost $1.5 billion per annum. There are literally thousands of workplace incidents per year, and this doesn't include those that don't result in an injury... but potentially could have.

Add to this the thousands of slip/fall injuries among older persons, people with disabilities and the general public each year.

It is for reasons like this that Workers Compensation premiums are on the increase, and skyrocket for any business that experiences slip/fall claims.

In fact, WorkCover legislation requires an employer to "provide and maintain so far as practicable for employees a working environment that is safe and without risks to health."

WorkCover statistics show that slip/fall injuries are the No.#2 accident problem in the workplace



A study by Monash University researchers of injuries among people aged 65+ years found that 66% of reported cases were due to a fall of some nature. Where "Floors and Flooring Material" cause the fall, in 81% of cases where information was available, the fall was due to slippery, wet floors.

 A study by the Royal Australian College of Physicians in 1991 showed that 16% (one in six) patients suffering hip fractures die within 6 months and that 50% require long term nursing care.



Size of the Potential Market

Grip Guard effectively treats many different types of surfaces including:

20,000,000 square metros and rising

16% (approx.)  

84% (approx.) 

 55% of total = 11,000,000 per sq meter per annum

Total market estimate 

Locally manufactured  

Imported tiles

Floor tiles


Many of these products are imported into Australia so statistics on the total market are difficult to determine. However, the estimated size of the ceramic tile market alone is huge.

That would make the amount laid over the last 10 years almost unimaginable. Remember that these numbers don't include the many square metros of terrazzo, granite and marble floors in place today and newly laid every year. And the cement/concrete floor market is enormous. Smooth finish cement/concrete pathways, driveways, steps, and warehouse and factory floors are a huge market. Add all these opportunities together to truly appreciate the size of the potential market for Grip Guard.

What our customers have to say

Below are excerpts of testimonials provided by Australian Grip Guard customers to our Licensees:

We find there is no slip whatsoever
— Pizz Hut
A comforting factor in ensuring safety
— KFC Restaurants
[We] have had no slips or falls [since]
— Kilmore Racing Inc
A good firm grip for bare feet
— Stan Tilley Swimming Centre
Particularly impressed with the grip
— Four Points Sheraton
The residents feel more secure
— Catholic Centacar


Grip Guard Australia's extensive national marketing campaign includes:

  • Web Marketing
  • Government Magazines
  • Safety Magazines
  • Account Introduction Program
  • Newspapers
  • Home Shows
  • Trade Shows


You are also given the tools and support to market to your customers, including Grip Guard brochures.

All Grip Guard advertising follows the theme that appears below. This includes website and advertising. You're welcome to use this and details of Grip Guard's features and benefits on the back of your business card.


Referrals and Account Introduction 

Licensees will benefit from Grip Guard's lead generation activities and account introduction program.

Inquiries and leads will be passed to Licensees to follow up via a Customer Inquiry and Lead Form. A copy of this form is included on the next pages. 

Licensees wishing to introduce themselves to prospects can request an introductory letter using the Request for Account Introduction form. A letter from Grip Guard introducing you as an Authorised Grip Guard Licensee will be mailed to you to include in your presentation or letter to your prospect. A copy of the form is also included on the next pages.

Getting started is easy

With a Grip Guard License you can operate from home and only need a mobile phone, car and a driver's license to operate your business.

There are no lengthy set up times before you can start to work.

The product, equipment, materials and full time training provided with a Grip Guard License means you can start earning from day one. And there are enough chemicals included to earn you revenue in excess of your entire initial investment.

As a Grip Guard Licensee you'll also be permitted to use the Grip Guard trademark on your business cards and in advertising, as long as it's in an approved format and approved by Grip Guard prior.

In addition to the hands-on training, a comprehensive Grip Guard Manual is provided which includes:

  • Grip Guard application information
  • Technical information
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing materials and ongoing assistance
  • Slip/fall information and reference

Grip Guard’s corporate client list will also be provided to demonstrate other people's satisfaction and delight with Grip Guard to your customers. Promotional brochures and marketing materials and strategies are there to help you get your business started and growing. Our advertising program includes website, internet, magazine, and direct main programs.

License Pack Contents

The following product, equipment, marketing materials and services are included with the initial License








Training & Marketing




Grip Guard Slip Meter
Timer Respirator
Disposable gloves (box 100)

6 x 1 litreGG#1  (Pre-Cleaner)     
6 x 1 litreGG#2  (Grip Activator)  
6 x 1 litre GG#3  (Neutraliser)

Grip Guard Enzyme Floor Maintainer - 5L

DuraGrip PU Anti-Slip Sealer Sample Kit    

Grip Guard Manual
Grip Guard CD
200 Brochures/Postcards
25 Warranty Certificates
Application training

Leads in your area directed to you for follow up
1300 number for technical support
Account introduction program
Marketing support services
Access to research and development
Technical and informational newsletter

License Investment: $12,500 plus GST

Note: Standard cleaning and application equipment such as wet vacuum, brooms, mops, buckets, squeegees, etc. are provided by the Licensee