Aluminium Extrusion Stair Nosings

Safety Stair Nosings

Product Description

Grip Guard safety stair nosings are manufactured from reinforced aluminum extrusion, milled in a square faced profile and anodised to provide a long term, attractive safe solution. Grip Guard nosings are designed to meet the requirements of AS1428.4 and is available with a range of high visibility polymeric and carborundum inserts to provide a safe environment both inside and outside. In accordance with The Building Code of Australia and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), it is mandatory to provide a insert depth of between 50 and 75mm in depth on all steps.


  • Designed and manufactured from reinforced aluminum extrusion to provide maximum strength and long term durability. ProStep® is resistant to heavy traffic abuse and will survive the test of time
  • Supplied milled and anodized to provide an attractive and safe solution
  • Supplied with an R10 polymeric insert or R13 carborundum insert (the highest anti-slip in the industry). Anti-slip rated in
  • Accordance with the Australian Standards AS4586
  • Concealed fixtures ensure the product can not be tampered with
  • Supplied pre-drill, counter sunk and cut to length, ready to install
  • Available with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing on both the underside of the extrusion and insert, to ensure proper bedding. This stops annoying rocking or rattling during service
  • Are supplied with all necessary stainless steel fi xing screws and anchors to ensure longevity
  • Can be retro-fit on to concrete, ceramic tiles, timber, carpet(direct stick), carpet with underlay and most other surfaces.

Product Range

ProStep® is available in three styles:

  • HA range, standard square faced extrusion suitable for any hard surface
  • CA range, new square faced tessellated profile with additional cross-sectional ribs which provide additional safety and rigidity over carpeted areas. Particularly suited for carpet with underlay
  • TA range, twin insert square faced, applicable for hard surfaces. The TA range provides additional surface area for optimum safety.


Designed to conform to the Australian Standards. ProStep® Safety Stair Nosings Have an insert depth of 50mm, twin insert has a 50 plus 25mm insert, i.e. total 75mm Are supplied predrilled, counter sunk and cut to length, ready to install.


In accordance with the Australian Standards a minimum luminance contrast of 30% must be provided between the Stair nosing and surrounding substrate. ProStep® is available with either a polymeric or carborundum insert in 3 primary colours which allow specifiers to select the most appropriate luminance contrast for any given application and aesthetic requirement. Refer to the ProStep® luminance chart for selection details.


AS/NZS 1428:4.2002 Design for access and mobility

AS/NZS 4586:1999 Slip resistance classifi cation for new pedestrian surface materials