Grip Guard is Australia's number one anti-slip safety treatment for wet slippery floors - a major cause of workplace slip/fall injuries.

WorkCover legislation requires an employer to "provide and maintain so far as practicable for employees a working environment that is safe and without risks to health."

A study by Monash University researchers of injuries among people aged 65+ years found that 66% of reported cases were due to a fall of some nature.

Where "Floors and Flooring Material" cause the fall, in 81% of cases where information was available, the fall was due to slippery, wet floors.


WorkCover statistics show that slip/fall injuries are the No.#2 accident problem in the workplace

Our sophisticated and cost-effective anti-slip treatments and solutions greatly reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents without altering the visible appearance of your floors in any way.

Grip Guard has a friendly team of distributors throughout Australia to assist you with your floor safety requirements.

We can help you find the right floor safety solution for your floor. Our products can effectively treat many different types of floors.